Mens Rea Studios

See the world through your eyes.

We are a creative photography and cinematography company for capturing your best moments memorable.


We take clicks

We are the best in what we do. We are a photo studio. From studio Renting to Wedding Photography, This is what we do. Taking snaps as bosses!

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We create your story.

At Mens Rea Studios we are not just jarheads with cameras bearing shoot to kill orders. We are story tellers. We want to make your story come to life in picturesque way more than any one.


We make you move

We have the best crew in cinematography department. From Go Pro videography, the bar ranges to DSLR videography, Black Magic and even to Film grade cameras such as Red Dragon and Arri Alexa

Walawwa Plaza

Walawwa Plaza is a monumental historical heritage that was inherited by the owner of Mens Rea Studios by lineage which was built by is ancestor in the pre-colonial era dating back to 1800s.

Hon. Adonis Silva, ancestor of Mr. B.M.P. I. Bandara from his mother’s side of the family was the first owner and the founder of Walawwa Plaza. Hon. Adonis Silva was the “Korale Disawa” (an official title similar to a Mayor of a District at present) in Kolonnawa, Wellampitiya, Kotikawatta Electorate in 1800s.
Official documents recovered by the owner suggests that This ministerial Residence was built during the period of 1832-1860.

After generations of times this building was almost became destroyed trying its very best to stand the test of the times. After Mr. Bandara inherited Walawwa Plaza, he renovated the house to its glory days state back in the times.

He started Mens Rea Studios as a photography and videography studio in 2012 giving a start at his dream of persuing art and culture through the third eye.

After few years with the successes of Mens Rea Studios Walawwa Plaza became a ground zero of a business plan running upto 2020 to expand business in all aspects of nature. Nowadays Walawwa Plaza is the birth house of various business ventures under Red Eye Group of Companies.


Everything you need to make your story come to life is here.